Western Goldfields Group Limited



Western Goldfields Group (WGG) Ltd is a company formed by a group of companies with the objective of harnessing their resources and potentials in order to tap into the Nigerian Mining and Mineral Processing Industry.

The main focus of the group is to explore the huge resources of Coal fields with the ultimate aim of producing coal for fueling the local industries and consequently for Power generation.
The group has many Exploration Licenses covering a wide range of minerals which include Gold, Tantalite, Iron ore, Coal, Limestone/Marble.

Our balanced portfolio of assets covers steel-making, energy, non-ferrous and solid mineral deposits. We have recently proven commercial deposits of marble and shall commence extraction as soon as the power situation improves for the real sector of Nigerian companies via our “coal for power initiative”. We have also commenced exploration and mining of coal in commercial quantities in our Kogi blocks.

The Group has numerous Exploration Licenses in Central and South Eastern Nigeria with substantial reserves of various minerals and employed over 150 field exploration professionals with our technical partners.
With substantial investments in Boart Long Gear Exploration Equipment from Canada, WGG is positioned to exploit the solid mineral resources in all licensed blocks to rapidly catalyze the full utilization of Nigeria’s solid mineral potentials.

The WGG Board of Directors has a policy to prioritize the commercial production of coal to generate power for Nigerian businesses as well as exploit its cash generation potential in the immediate, medium and long term.


An Overview of our activities